At Editing Gallery, LLC, we offer intensive editing for story structure, characterization, scene and sequel, etc. If you are a beginning author you will learn about voice (does your character talk and act like a sixteen-year-old or a sixty-year-old person?) as well as set-pieces.  


If you're a published author whose story needs polishing before your agent or publisher will accept it, we at Editing Gallery will do our utmost to see that it's ready to go and that you make it the best story possible.


“Special thanks for editing help goes to Carol Craig . . . who helped make me a better writer.”
Sherry Jones
“ . . . independent editor Carol Craig, of the Editing Gallery, for her invaluable advice on how to keep my characters quirky, yet give them heart~and for teaching me, finally, to tackle "theme" without popping antacids.”
Candy Calvert
“My thanks to my editors at Thomas Nelson . . . . and to my freelance editor, Carol Craig, for helping me bring The Inheritance to fruition.
Tamera Alexander

Writing a novel involves much more than words and grammar. It's an art, and, as with any great art form, it must have structure. The characters must be well drawn and believable, and the structure must fit the genre. 

For over twenty years, I have studied the craft of storytelling. I have worked with new authors who want to fine-tune their writing, and for published writers with agents and deadlines. The publishing industry has changed over the years. Publishers no longer nurture new writers, meaning a writer has to come in with a well-crafted story. Competition for those coveted spots with a publisher is fierce, and most published authors have editors. We give your manuscript the chance it deserves so that you can put your best foot forward.


                          Editing Gallery, LLC


Fees: $40 an hour at approximately 10 pages per hour.

Example: $1280 for a 320-page manuscript.

1/2 up front, 1/2 upon completion. 

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